Lost newbie

I can’t access my model.

I used the free downloadable version to teach myself enough CAD to design my new kitchen last year- that worked a treat.

Then it went online, I signed up and designed a new deck.

Now suddenly I can’t access it when I sign in to my account there’s nothing there

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Are you signed into the same account? If you go to this page, what do you see?:


Hi I get the sign in page, when I sign in I get this but no sign of my old files



What happens when you click on that SketchUp folder thumbnail?

It asks me to re-name the new project!

I tried that, it went away then sent me an email to say my new project was ready – when I tried it I had to complete my profile even though I am retired and I still get nothing in my “new project”.

This is a very frustrating exercise



There were some fixes on sketchup.com today that may effect your case. Can you try the same tests again?

Thanks for taking the time to help, that seemed to do the trick and my old projects have appeared.

I’ve bookmarked the page and hope they continue to appear!!



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