Lost my whole project

Hi there,

As I was working on my project it froze but turned back. I saved the project but now there is nothing. The entire project is lost but the file size is too big to be empty. The original one is 48 mb and the autosaved one is 38mb. Can I bring it back, if so how?

this is the autosaved one https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rpvhdqbmz44xho/AutoSave_parçalar.skp?dl=0

Possibly. Perhaps you could share it via DropBox so we can see what you have?

Do you have the backup (.skb) file created when you last saved? You can try opening that (rename the extension to .skp first).

But please make copies of all the potentially relevant files before you open or edit any of them!

I had something similar happen to me the other day. I think I must have hit some key or something that zoomed me way out from the model I was working on so it all seemed to have disappeared even though by file size there was something still there. I just had to zoom way in again and I finally got back to where all was OK. Hope this helps.

You haven’t lost everything. Your file is definitely not empty. Just look in the outliner and right-click on a component and choose “Zoom Selection” to see it.

A lot of it is very far from the origin. It is BIG in more ways than one:
Model contains 1566831 edges
minimum: -68576.2m
maximum: 221996.3m

Some of your geometry is about 222km away from the origin.

You could work through everything in the outliner and try and move it back to where it should be or copy and paste these into a new file.

this is the autosaved one

I hope this is what you want.

Yes, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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