Lost model after printing


After I print my model, when I go back to the layout, there is no model showing. The scenes react to their buttons, but there is no image, just the ground and sky. I have to save and reopen the drawing to get the images back again.

Then there are times after printing that, if the image does return, I lose control of my mouse scroll wheel where it no longer zooms, but rather pans the drawing in random directions.

For some reason, printing is the trigger for these strange behaviors.



Is there any chance you’re using SketchUp scenes that don’t have camera positions saved? That can cause some odd side effects similar to what you’re describing.



You could try printing the model to pdf files and then hard copy print from that output. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat or another pdf capable software, there are a variety of free online services for saving files in pdf format which can be found by searching under “free online pdf converter”.