Problems Printing from Macbook Pro & Yosemite

I have a new Macbook Pro, 15" Retina display, with Yosemite all latest updates using Sketchup 2015 free version. My printer is an HP Photosmart Premium. I am having difficulty printing. I’ve watched a couple videos explaining how to get a 1 to 1 scale model printed but after it has gone to the printer the view of my model is either completely skewed or sometimes gone and if I haven’t saved first it’s lost. And on top of that, what gets printed on any page after the first is not complete. Is anyone else experiencing issues with printing or is it just me?

I have a mid-2012 15" MBP Retina, Yosemite, Epson 810 printer, SU 2015 and I haven’t seen these problems. But the first thing I do with a new file is save it, so if that is a factor I wouldn’t hit it. Do you have the same issues when you don’t attempt to get 1:1 or when the output isn’t multi-page?

I tend to save often as well. I’ve been dealing with tech for a long time (MS products :smile: ) and I had saved most of my document just had a few changes that didn’t get saved. But yes, it does the same thing even if I let it print to multiple pages but doesn’t do it when I make it fit to page. After more testing it does seem to only be when I try to print at a 1:1 scale.