Sketchup won't print landscape

I have frequently printed Sketchup models in landscape on my MacBook. Today, it doesn’t work. I click the Landscape orientation in Page Setup. Document Orientation has “Fit View to Page” checked and the dimensions are definitely landscape: Width 276.2mm, Height 156.4mm. This fits on an A4 page (in landscape).

However when I click Print, it shows me two portrait pages with the image spread across them both. That’s how it prints too.

Is landscape working for everyone except me? Any suggestions for what I can do gratefully received.



I checked the things you mentioned and have no trouble printing landscape on my MacBook Pro. Obviously there is a difference in something we didn’t compare, but I don’t know what…

Thanks. It helps to know it’s ok for others. BTW, I’m on Sketchup Make 17.3.116 and MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1

Hello, are you sure the problem doesn’t come from your printer properties ? it might be some assembly property that is set wrong ! (cause in the end two portrait A4 is a landscape A3… See what I mean ?) I Don’t think the problem comes from sketchup.

I found the answer here

I have reset my printing system and re-added the printer. It works now. Apple bug, not Sketchup.


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