Layout Print Dialog Box on MacOS

RANT WARNING!..General moan here about the print dialog on Sketchup.

  1. Why isn’t page setup shown on this dialog? It would save a lot of clicks and errors if it was.
    The number of times my A3 prints have come out portrait, when the orientation is clearly landscape is ridiculous… wasting paper. There is a disconnect between page setup and print that needs fixed.

  2. SLOOWWWW!!! - Apparently the dialog box renders a PDF in the background every time you make a change, (standard mac protocol?). This means everything slows down. Please Sketchup team… there must be a better way of doing this.

Someone else posted earlier about this kind of problem. Have to say that I have been using SU Pro on a Mac for many years and have not encountered it. I have templates set up for A3 and other paper sizes, mostly landscape, and they always print out correctly.

I don’t know about your item 2. Again, not something I am conscious of having encountered. If LO does do what you say, can you start by not choosing pdf as the output? Does that help any?

I had the same problem, it seems that it is related to how the paper size is configured by default in your printer in MAC.

What I do is:

  • Before printing I go to File, then adjust page and configure the page size again.
  • Then I just click on print and the image is correctly rotated

I have an A4 and an A3 printer in my list, perhaps that’s confusing it. Will play some more

Regarding item 2, it doesn’t matter which printer is selected, the behaviour is the same. I’ve been trialing ArchiCAD the last few days and their print dialog doesn’t do this, so I don’t understand why Sketchup can’t fix this

Maybe because it’s not a universal problem? It may not even be a common one. If it were, you would probably get more responses to your OP.

Your setup and mine are broadly similar but you are experiencing an issue I don’t. Unlike you, I only have one printer and that is set as my default. So when I go to print from LO, I get a dialog box like this:

If I want to print to paper I use the blue highlighted print button. If I want a PDF, I use the button at bottom left. I don’t normally have to change anything so there is no re-rendering that I am aware of. I guess if you were changing from the default printer it might take a moment or two to reconfigure.

What I do sometimes get is the wrong paper size. Even though almost everything I output is at A3, the preview image sometimes selects an A4 sized portion. I don’t know why but cancelling the print and doing it again usually cures it - a nuisance, and probably a bug, but not a biggy.

Revision edit - actually I do sometimes change the page range but that seems reliable and quick.

Is it something to do with my PDF setup then?
I have Adobe CC installed.

Once the dialog box is loaded, if I switch the selection to another control, e.g. to change the page range, there is a 4 or 5 second delay, on every change!!! And the spinning colour wheel sometimes too.
It’s infuriating.

That all looks normal to me. If I change the page range, there is a brief whirr whilst the preview is updated to the new first page in the print range. No such thing with changing the end page though.

If you are on a Mac, there is no PDF setup, is there? It’s all built in (that’s one of the joys of a Mac). So unless you have arranged somehow to process your PDF output through some other software, I don’t see what bearing having Adobe CC would have.

Your profile doesn’t say what Mac you are using. However, mine is late 2012 vintage so yours would have to be very old indeed for that to be a problem.

The only other thing I can think of is that it has to do with the HP driver when you select your Officejet. Is that up to date? Does the same problem occur with your other printer?

Ok, so no difference depending which printer I select.
No difference changing my default PDF app either.

However, I’ve been having loads of problems with Layout recently, it seems to have corrupted something in my user profile. As an example, it crashes if I try to open it from the app icon, it will only open if I open a file directly and sometimes creates a bugsplat. Loads of diagnosis has happened, apple blame Sketchup, Sketchup blame apple.
Way around this has been to setup a new Admin user profile on my machine.
So I am slowly migrating all my stuff to a new user. :frowning:

Good news is, that I just switched to the new user and the print dialog speed is fast! or at least as fast as any other app.

I feel like quoting iRobot… “Ghosts in the machine”…