SU Pro 2016 MAC, Significant printing problems

Am using Pro 16.1.1451. MAC. Have a new 27" iMac, running OS X Capitan Version 10.11.4 Can also run SU Pro 16 on Windows thru Parallels but no better results printing.

Since updating from 15 now have very complex problems with printing. Have been able to print more or less satisfactorily since SU8.

Typically print to a Ink Jet in letter size or tabloid.

In general what happens is that when I try and use Page setup, Document Setup or Print, my model becomes skewed, typically elongated by a factor of say 8, and I am unable to correct and renormalize the model, or print. Have no control over scaling so as to print.

I noted a similar problem in a 11/15 post by guyer, that did not offer a solution. Also noted Janeeics post 3 days ago. I tried turning off Hardware acceleration, but no success. I can print for all other applications.

Have you resolved this issue? no documentation available.

Also could not print to PDF.

Being unable to print is totally unsatisfactory.

Just theorizing here in case it helps SU tech support to figure out the problem. I have the same software versions, but a 15" MacBookPro Retina and an Epson XP-810 ink jet printer. I have printed many pages without encountering the problems you are seeing.

So, the problem must be due to something that is different between our setups. Things that come to mind:

  • the graphics adapter in the iMac 27"
  • the total pixels across the view
  • communication between SU and your specific printer driver

Could not print to PDF on a Mac? Did you try printing, then from the print panel do the Save as PDF instead of the File->Export->2D PDF export?