Lost Drawings from 2020

Help! All of the drawings weve created since 2020 have dissapeared from our account login? Cant get a tech support help as we’re using the free version. Its effectively lost all of the projects weve done for the last two years.
I need to get these back as theyre important to what im doing

In nearly every case when someone reports this sort of thing it turns out they were signing in with the wrong e-mail address. Make sure that’s not the case here.

Only one user account which is me, not changed anything, nor changed user or password

I can see the drawings in connect, but not in sketchup?

You should be able to open them from Connect, too.

Are you looking in the right place when you click on Open in SketchUp Free?

I can only see them in connect. I select Sketchup For Web (Freemium) which then takes me to the next page, where none of the work completed over the last x years are visible.
When I then go onto Trimble Connect, I can see all the work, but cant open it in sketchup… bizzare and frustrating

Show a screenshot of what you are seeing in Trimble Connect.

Can you download the files to your computer from Trimble Connect?

You can see the two different screen shots. One with all of the new work, the second with none of the new work .
Connect as the first one, and Sketchup as the second

I can download them, and then import them. but thats a long winded way of doing it, but does solve the issue

What happens if you click on one of those files such as Speaker Centre Stand? What happens if you click on Open from device.

By the way, it looks like you have an interesting hobby. What is it?

It opens it normally.
Just cant seen any of the more recent ones.
I run a business building home cinemas and hifi systems.
(www.soundswithvision.co.uk) Little plug there.
Hence I use sketchup to provide ideas to clients on their potential room layout etc.

If I download a file from the connect app/system, then open this from Sketchup “Open From Device” it opens it up normally.

Ah… That would be a violation of the EULA for SketchUp Free. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. You would need to be using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Free.

I get that, however that wouldnt explain why some of the drawings are there, and others arent.

The Home screen is only showing recent files, and with updates to the web app those may get purged.

If you use the Trimble Connect on the left of the app.sketchup.com page, and you click on a thumbnail of an exist file, it will open for editing, and will also then appear in the recent files set.

If you have a reason to go directly to web.connect.trimble.com, you can click the model you’re interested in, then in the panel that appears on the right of the page you can click Edit in SketchUp.

That path does have an extra risk in it, in that you may have signed in to Trimble Connect with a different email to the one you were using for app.sketchup.com. Using the Trimble Connect option in the web app should make sure you’re looking at the right account.


Yes. Of course. I assumed the OP saw that indication on the page. Maybe not.

Thanks to you both, we havent really got an answer, but im happy that i havent lost any of my work

It is showing recent files. but not from this year, only from 2020. not from actual recent ones.
I havent got it sorted, but I can find the drawings, export them, then re-import them, which is a work around that means at least I havent lost any.

There are three accounts for a user with your name. Two of those are from 2020. Aside from your work email, there is a firstlast at gmail address, and another for dmsarchitecture. Could either of those be yours too?