Lost Colour Picker window

I’ve lost my Colour picker window and I can’t seem to get it back by any of the methods I have found here. I have SU for Windows, with two monitors. So far I have

  • moved the main SU window around (and used the alt-spacebar, m and arrow keys to move it further than possible with mouse alone)
  • changed the relative positions of my monitors in Windows Settings > Displays to see if I can find it.
  • reset workspace (this doesn’t really do anything as my trays are all docked and the colour picker doesn’t behave like the other panels, it can’t be docked)
  • run a repair reinstall

Do I really have to completely uninstall and reinstall SU just to get this panel back? (If that will even work?!)

Searching forum posts this does crop up regularly, it would be great if Reset Workspace pulled all panels/dialogs etc within the main SU window. That would make fixing this so easy.


You should fill in your forum profile fully, and correctly, some of you comments don’t seem to make sense with what we read in your profile.
And the problem you are experiencing is very different on different platforms.

Ah - I recently moved from Mac to Windows, forgot about updating that. Will do now…

Is this part of an extension?

There is a native Edit tab of the Materials inspector panel that can be used to set the color for materials.
But the material must be within the In Model collection in order to edit it.

This color tab can use a color wheel or RGB / HSB / HSL sliders. It is much different than the native MacOS color panel.

Perhaps we need more to go on.
What do you mean by the color picker?
With windows in Sketchup there are trays, one of which is materials, has that disappeared?
Can you screenshot or vid showing what is missing.

Its the materials/colour tray. Sorry if I’ve used wrong terminology.

To be clear (I have updated my profile now) I am on Windows 11 with SU 2023. On selecting the paint bucket tool, no materials/color tray appears. Using Alt-B to load a material from an object, same thing.
Not sure how useful a screenshot is, but all the usual dockable trays are there. No sign of materials (the paint bucket tool is active, but disappears when you use the screen clipping tool).

it’s on your right. Materials, just below entity info
right now it’s closed, but it’s there.

unlike the mac version that uses apple’s colour window (that will always jump open), SU for PC uses its own, and it’s part of the tray of panel you have on the right :slight_smile:

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Have you tried clicking here.
If it isn’t opening automatically you may need to do a repair of your install.
Find the original downloaded install.exe, probably in your downloads folder.
Select it then right click and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and choose Repair, follow the prompts, reboot PC.
This won’t do anything to your extensions etc, it just fixes a few background issues.

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OMG, how very embarrassing!!

I am so used to the Mac version, where the materials/colour panel does not behave like all the others, I wasn’t seeing it right in front of my eyes.

Thank you.

Happens to me all the time.:yum:

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