Losing my mind here with Zooming


I don’t know what I did or how this happened but I can’t zoom to my project. No matter what I do I’m either too far, or then zoom directly through my project, there’s no in between. Also, not sure how this happened, but prior to the zoom problems, my walls began disappears as I would zoom around my project. Seems like it was cutting away the walls so the camera could see it, but I don’t know why it started doing that.


Search the forum for “clipping”. Sounds like what you are expierencing. Try setting your camera to perspective and check that your field of view is reasonable, like 35 degrees. Include a screenshot of your situation for a more exact diagnosis.


Did you paste something into your model that’s very large compared to the object you’re trying to zoom in on? I’ve had this problem in that type of situation. Also it seems to be worse if the large object is very far from the origin.
If you accidentally added geometry very very far away from where you’re trying to zoom you can find it and delete it by doing Select All, then holding shift and selecting all the geometry in the area that you’re working in, then hit Delete. This will delete all the objects other than the ones you’re working on.