Walls are disappearing.....?

I’m new to sketchup.
I’m working on a big model. I will be zoomed in, working on adjusting a small detail, and when I zoom back out, I am missing some walls. It’s happened more than once.
What am I doing wrong?
I will add my model here, if someone explains how…

Search for ‘clipping’. Lots to read.

ok, thanks.

I don’t think it is clipping. When you are editing a small detail are you deleting faces and lines of the detail? If you are not using groups you might be selecting geometry behind what you are working on and deleting it accidentally. I could be wrong but if you are zooming out and entire walls are missing it probably isn’t a clipping issue.

If geometry is missing after you have zoomed back out it’s not clipping (although that being one of the most common issues). As ad_1011 says you have likely accidentally deleted too much. If you are ever unsure of how much is selected you can always quickly active the scale tool (s) to see the bounding box of the selection.

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