Object clipped when zooming in

What is or are the correct settings for the camera when zooming into an object so it doeskin hide the objects?

I don’t understand your question. Could you upload a screenshot showing the issue you are asking about?

Sounds like clipping.

how do i set clipping plane?

You can’t.
The ‘clipping plane’ issue is discussed at length here.
If you are working at very tiny or gigantic sizes, or your model [or component] has some entities miles away from the origin of the model [or component] - these are common with CAD imported geometry - then it will occur.
It might be a fragment of an edge causing this…
Toggling perspective on/off sometimes helps temporarily, but tidying up your model is the best solution.

You can change the field of view to make it better.
When the ZoomTool is first activated, you can enter another FOV angle in the Measurements Box. (I think the default is 30 degrees.)