Looking for an Extension or Plugin

Does any one know of an extension or plugin for building wood screw holes with countersinks and pilot holes? Something similar to EP Fasteners and Holes. I have that one, but I would like on for wood fasteners.

I would use the Drill tool from Wudworx for that. It’ll let you place a countersunk shank hole in the top piece and a pilot hole in the bottom piece.

Is there anything for pocket holes?

There are some pocket hole components you can get from the 3D Warehouse. They are designed to be placed easily. If you need them to show as holes, you can explode them and use their geometry.

Out of curiosity, how will you show them? You might not need a real pocket hole which will mostly just add to the file size without adding a whole lot of information. An alternative might be to add simple ellipses to represent the pocket holes as I did here for a plan.

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I drew some free Kreg pocket holes on the 3D Warehouse - here

There are a good number of others, and of the screws.

Search the Warehouse for Kreg pocket holes and/or screws, and you’ll see plenty.

There’s even one labelled as a Dynamic Component.

Thanks, John, I’ll check them out.