Countersunk Screw holes

I have been searching for an extension that will produce a countersunk screw hole. I thought there used to be one but I cannot find it. Any help here?

Hi Carl,

There is a tool for drilling countersunk and counterbored tools in the Wudworx tool set.

Glad to see you’re still around.

But it is so incredibly simple why would you need a plugin.

True. But the plugin makes it easy to create a bunch of them in very short order. And if the countersink angle is important to you, it’s easily set in the plugin. Metric countersinks are easy enough but for imperial flat head screws, it’s a bit more involved without the plugin.

Perhaps Dave, but it is still very basic geometry and understanding the structure of it will stand you in much better stead than knowing which plugin is needed to produce it.

I agree with you. The process of creating the countersink is dead easy with native tools. Although I have the plugin, I usually do countersinks manually unless I have a lot of them to do.

And if you do, one could make a cutting component of it, with a ‘glue to any’ property, couldn’t you? It would cut a hole in the face.

That’s true, John, if you only want the appearance of a hole and not a real hole.

Don’t you get a real hole in the face ? I thought I did with my woodscrew components.

Will try it shortly… with countersink.

If you remove the component the hole goes away.

Also, the hole component would have to be inside the board component to cut the hole. If you want a cutlist from the model, the board component wouldn’t be included because it isn’t the lowest level component. The screw hole(s) would be the lowest level component. I guess it would be useful if you want to know how many screw holes you need.

Well, at least the component works - as you say, it has to apply to a face, not a component.

But having cut the holes, you could explode them so as not to muck up Cutlist.

Here’s my very quick example. Didn’t check the countersink angle - it’s roughly 45° but not exact.

Saved the file as v8 to allow backward compatibility.

Countersink hole cutting (27.2 KB)

Bright blue is my reversed face style setting.

You could leave out the cylindrical part of the hole, if you want to use a woodscrew insert, and use Face Style X-ray to see inside the component, or use a transparent material for the component or its face(s).

Like this: