Login Problem - as my user id had a dash in it I could no longer login


I have been a member since v8 and I am now listed as a newbie - it would have been professional to have been notified that my account was no longer valid!


Your post title implies you created a new account. New accounts generally are “newbie” by definition.

It would have seemed experienced if you gave more complete information about the problem with your old account, especially what account. There have been various forum changes (away from Google) and even ownership changes since version 8.

  • At the time of version 8 you had an account at:
    a) Google 3D Warehouse?
    b) Google Groups?
    3D Warehouse accounts were not directly linked to the Google Groups forum at that time. With the forced transition to new software (both on 3D Warehouse and this forum), accounts were imported for all previous user accounts of Google 3D Warehouse. These are now unified SketchUp accounts. When logging in the first time at this forum, the forum software creates a forum account and links it with the unified account.
  • During the transition from Google, emails were sent about the ownership change, account transfer, agreement to the new Terms of Service in 3D Warehouse which you should have received in the GMail inbox of your Google account.
  • When have you last logged in anywhere SketchUp-related?
  • On which URL did you now try to login and it failed?


Are you this sketch-gary?:



Yes I know.


A SketchUcation forum membership is completely separate from a SketchUp forum membership.
If you have not had a membership here before then you will start off ‘new’…