Can't log in on community. I'm stuck in a loop!

I try to log in on to the community. When I click on LOGIN, I pick the option WITH SKETCHUP, then it brings me to a page: CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. And there is no way I can enter my Sketchup Username and password… It just wants me to create a new account!! I don’t need a new account. Please help.

What community are you talking about, since you have managed to post here it can’t be this one?

This one… the phenomen happen on my main computer… I use my ipad to write this quote.

HA! Got it… I cleared my browsing data on Google Chrome, then I could get back to the original login page. Cheers

I feel stupid now to not have thing of this before.

@SketchUp_Moderator : this thread belongs to the Meta category.

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