New user/login errors

I am a new user for sketchup and I am unable to login using my google account, I have tried several troubleshooting options several different computer and even tried to create a new google account but nothing works. I am pretty sure its an issue on the server/authentication end of things. Whenever I try to login/create an account it says login failed or just kicks me back to the previous page. People I work with who have posted drawing before are able to connect but a friend who has had an account for a while but never posted a drawing to the 3d warehouse is having the same issue. If anyone has any ideas for a fix/workaround it would be really helpful
NOTICE: I also have a drawing for the current sketchup challenge due on the 8th and I cant upload it to the warehouse until I can create an account so prompt help would be nice :smile:

I guess they fixed within the last hour, still something that should be looked into but anyways. thanks to whomever fixed it