Login issue with internet-restricted student

I have a login issue with a student whose web use is restricted through Securly that I have been directed to post here about. I have gone through various things with support trying to get a successful login to the student the only success being that I got a little farther in the login process (Sketchup didn’t actually help in this regard). I’m guessing there is still a URL or two that need to be whitelisted. I will comb through the many emails (Sketchup’s support is kind of a nightmare in that it generates multiple emails, each on a different thread) and try to add more information. In the meantime, hopefully someone has had this issue. Looking through the forums previously did not yield an answer.

Beyond the usual


I’m not sure what else is reached out to - I can see traffic goes to hcaptcha.com when I sign into the web app also.

I would imagine it would be simpler to find out what traffic is being blocked as they are trying to access, I’m sure Securly offers that facility.

Yes, those three are allowed, as well as a couple others. I will try hcaptcha as I did not find that one in my sniffing.

others I see:



I’ve added hcaptcha, gstatic and mktoresp but no luck so far.

What error or problem are you seeing?

I’m not getting an error, it just never completes loading. I get the 3D model in the middle of the screen that rotates slightly left and back to the right and there is a cray overlay to the screen.

If you open the browser console, what errors are you getting?

I wasn’t getting any errors in the console.

Here are some of the rest of the sites I had to allow, wildcards were not working so I had to allow every specific URL (this is an issue with Securly, as is their support). I believe it’s working now.

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