Log in probs with students

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Hey there got the same problems when trying to log in with students accounts (under 18)… no prob with teachers so its not a pop up issues.
my domain is @csa.edu.pe

btw i followed this post … but nothing.

Is this a new issue? Were your students able to log in previously, and if so do they have a separate domain?
I’ve manually registered the domain that you provided to see if that may address the problem, and each device should have both popups and 3rd party cookies enabled. Please let us know if any of those methods have an affect on the login flow.

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Hi Tori,

I’m having trouble logging in with Students as well.

I made a post with Screenshots in this thread that seems to have a lot of other people with the same issue

My Domain is lafsd.org

Having the same issues as well. We are able to log in using Microsoft Edge but nothing with Chrome or Chromebooks. Pop-ups are enabled and have also tried to uninstall and reinstall with no luck.

Domain is arlingtonlocal.org