Log house - pushing door and window openings through multiple logs (components)

I started drawing a log house made up of logs of four different lengths, see attached image and model. I made each of the four different log types a component. The problem now is that SketchUp will not allow me to push door and window openings through these components. I tried making each log a unique component, but that didn’t help. I can push an opening through the center of a log, but the opening cannot intersect the edges, so I cannot get an opening that spans over multiple logs.

Gäststuga 0.skp (383.7 KB)

You could draw a large block to represent the volume of the opening and use Trim from the Solid Tools.

Alternatively you could make the components that need to be cut unique and then edit them to make the opening.

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BTW, logs interlock at the corners so depending on the corner joint style, the logs in two adjacent walls are vertically shifted

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Brilliant! Many thanks.

Then mine should probably not be called logs. They are simple rectangular gluelam beams.

A detail you should know about: the native solid tools convert target components into groups following the operation. If you want to reuse them, you will need to make new components from them (Edit->Make Component, or equivalent on right-click context menu).

Ok, thanks!