Push/Pull with Doors & Windows



So in this big barn model, I have a BUNCH of doors and windows to create. I’ve measured them off, but after I use the rectangle tool and go to push/pull to punch those out (get it to read “on face”), I’m not getting that message.

Any thoughts on why, or how to get it to read “on face” so I can push doors and windows out?



Do the walls have thickness? If not, you’ll have to push the opening for the window or door to the opposite side of the building.

If the walls have no thickness, then you should be able to select the face inside the rectangle for the window or door and delete it.


Actually, they do, but I didn’t model them that way. ('Not sure how to do that.)

So I see when I push all the way, it goes through out the BACK. Will that punch a hole in that back wall? 'Just assumed it would, which isn’t reflective of the building.



If you push through to the next face and that face is parallel to the first one, it would cut an opening. You can push beyond the next face and then you won’t get an opening.


Yep, 'just saw that it punched a hole out the back of the building.

I normally use a plugin (OpenStudio) with SU and don’t spend much time in SU. Windows are easier in an .osm model, but I agreed to do a basic SU model for the architects.

(What was I thinking?)

Any thoughts, appreciated.


Well, like I said before, you could just select and delete the faces inside the rectangles representing the windows and doors. You could also give the walls some thickness and push through to the inside face of the wall.

Maybe a little Offset action on the bottom followed by a push up to make the walls.


Interesting. I love that.

Actually, this is a barn with pretty much metal walls. Framing on the inside but no cavities. So I think we’re good there. 'May try that next time. In fact, I probably will.

I’ll try the select/delete (doh!) I also did a save-as. I don’t love the thought of having to model windows in two separate models 'cause there are a lot of them. But the archis won’t be able to get into the OpenStudio model. OS is really good about looking at a rectangle and going, “Oh, that’s a window. Or a door b/c it’s connected to the ground.”



Tried select/delete, and it worked. No hole in the back of the building either.

(“Dear Lord, PLEASE let this translate in OpenStudio so I’m not redoing d/w.”)



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