Lockup and BSOD

Im now having additional issues with SU 2016. I had just opened a project and got a phone call… Wrapped that up and went to work on my project. My mouse was responsive but was unable to right click or select any tools, etc. Tried to exit the app but was unable to do such. I ‘x’ out and the app didnt respond and I got the MS message asking if Id like to ‘end process’, of which I did. The app closed and I promptly opened my project again. This time around it said that it could only run as ‘read only’ mode as the file was open elsewhere. I close out SU and try again… with the same results. I go ahead and check Task Manager and see that the SU process is still running, even though it was closed out. I choose to ‘end task’ on the process and get a BSOD. Not sure whats going on with SU, but the latest version seems to be EXTREMELY bugged and volitale. I hope you guys can get this app back to its former glourious state… and soon.

Did the BSOD list a stop error ? … and if so write it down so it can be looked up.

I would always reboot the computer when such an error occurs.

Also reexamine what extensions are loaded (especially recently installed extensions,) and turn of those not needed for modeling. (For example, turn off rendering extensions, until it is time for rendering.)

The error was a power driver state failure…

I dont use any plugins currently…

Google it https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/fix-windows-10-error-driver-power-state-failure/?

Last time you tried clean boot, your NVidia driver was running and still your system didn’t like your mouse. Might be time to try safe mode as article indicates. You don’t have a happy computer. That other fella who could use M570 with SetPoint under Win10 but still had a problem, was able to isolate his issue to the AMD driver.

The same graphics driver can run on quite a few cards, but it is possible for a bug to appear on just just one model card. There was a notable case of that a few years ago with GeForce 8800GT. The description of one old driver bug that was fixed: caused OpenGL programs to leak file descriptors when calling exec() on themselves.

Here’s another possibility http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2635503/driver-power-state-failure.html - you did mention looking into issues with another device…

Did all of that already. There are no device conflicts listed. Ive avoided the latest nvidia driver as reports say its bugged (not to mention it was just released a few days ago…)

Again… All I know is that Ive NEVER had issues with my mouse, nor my GPU, nor any BSOD until SU 2016. Havent had a BSOD since… XP days… The mouse… Flawless for nearly 10 years of using the same model (have bought new mouse due to gaming wear n tear…) And my GPU… never had any issues with nvidia. Never. Even if using outdated drivers. And BAM… I install Su 2016 and my system is falling apart. Coincidence? I think not.

And… It just happened again. Stepped outside to respond to this topic, came back and could use any functions in SU (but mouse worked fine) Couldnt close the app until I did the ‘end process’ option. Task manager should the process active even after SU was closed. Tried to end the process and got the ‘access denied’ message. Sat here for a minute waiting to see if it would end on its own… and then another BSOD.

Now might be a good time to disable hardware acceleration and see if you get a BSOD.

You tend to leave out the other part of the equation, the Upgrade to Win 10.
Seems to me that SU2016 is simply highlighting an issue with your system since you upgraded to Win10.
MS have rolled out Win10 to all and sundry, and many many people have had various different issues with it that have sent them back to their earlier OS.
Win10 may run happily on your PC until such time as SU calls a specific opengl command, or some other thing and Win10 fails. There are complaints all over the internet similar to yours that a specific software isn’t working with win10.
The Win10 upgrade in my humble opinion isn’t compatible with nearly as many computers as they want us to believe. There are so many interlocking and complex combinations of hardware and software, manufactured before Win10 was developed, that it’s impossible to believe that they could design the complete OS to work properly with every preexisting setup.

Hardware acceleration has been disabled…

And yes Box, i t could be Win10… But the issue started after SU install… Of course it can still be a Win10 issue, but I am curious why I had no issues on Win10 and with SU2015.

Each version of SU uses OpenGL functions differently.

Try running the 32-bit version of SU? It’s one way to address bugs in the 64-bit graphics driver.

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On my Dad’s machine (with a Nvidia GTX) we had power state failures, until I turned off all the power sleep settings and even the screen savers.

He would be in certain games or applications, and the power management would try to step the CPU down a state, and poof! Lockup, etc. Task Manager, End Task, etc. (He still runs Win 8.1, and in no way wants to upgrade to Win10.) Anyway, updating the graphics driver did not help.

I would suggest not to let the computer go into an idle state with any “problem” applications as the focused app. Ie, minimize SketchUp or switch over to a Explorer window, if you’ll be steping away from the computer for a bit. See if that reduces lockups.

Screen Saver has been disabled… I do not use it, and havent in a long time. I will go thru the sleep settings and set everything to zero or disabled, etc. Todays issue is the first time this had happened… As for the mouse issue… It still lingers, with somedays having maybe one or two lockups and other days its nonstop (as in every few minutes or at least a few times per hour.) I keep my new mouse plugged in and switch to it when needed. Lol

same driver power state bsod problem