Locking up and extended buffering

Does uninstalling and reinstalling SU program fix lock ups and crashes or corrupt program or files?

I doubt it. What should help is locating the SketchUp installer (from when you very first installed SketchUp). Right click, Run as administrator, repair.

FYI I’ve shifted your post to Technical Problems.

I’m trying to resolve lockups on the program. I asked the question only once. Please kindly refrain from negative behavior on the forum.

Actually you did ask the same question twice, and you’ve shown this quite clearly by responding in one thread to a comment in the other thread.

Asking the same question twice leads to confusion and frustration. People can start answering questions that have already been answered. It is part of the forum guidelines.
So Please, don’t double post, if you ask something buried in a thread and then decide it would be better as a new thread, Delete the first one before starting a new thread with the same question.

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I’ve trying to resolve a problem on the SU program for months now, are you lecturing me on how to address the question. I’ve followed the guidelines with fair questions. I’ll check with SU management regarding your issue,

Oh, Ok.


The corrupt program files of SU will be fixed , if you install it properly : https://help.sketchup.com/en/installing-sketchup

I have no idea what you mean by “lock ups and crashes [and extended buffering]”.

Partly… as Box kindly tried to explain it.

Are you filing a report or what? :thinking:

Please consider the same.

A well-formulated question is easier to answer.

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