Lock styles from being purged?

Hey all, 2020 gives us great potential for mixing styles in layout to create interesting drawings. However, not all styles I want to use in Layout are tied to a scene in SketchUp; thus, if I use either the native purge or cleanup plugin, any unused styles are deleted. Is it possible to “lock” styles from being deleted?

Currently two options. First don’t use Purge from Statistics to purge unused. Instead just use Purge in Components, Materials, and Tags and leave Styles untouched.

Or create a library of the styles you would use in your LO project and select them in LayOut. Most likely you can get by with only one style actually in Model. That’s what I’m doing and it works quite well. And those styles in the collection are available for every project.

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Best case scenario would have to have those styles defined in the LayOut document rather than the SketchUp document. This way there would be a better separation between modeling and presentation, and no exceptions from the general rule are is needed in SketchUp.

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This is effectively what happens with my library of styles. Although I could access them in the SketchUpmodel, there’s no need to do that since I can apply them in LayOut.
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I’d forgotten to add a third option for the OP which if they must add the styles in the SketchUp model would prevent purging them. Use TIG’s Purge All and choose not to purge styles.
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Thanks, team – solid ideas all around. Makes total sense to just curate representation styles within layout as a collection that can be used across multiple projects – completely blanked out on that as a possibility.

Keep in mind that the styles are not “within LayOut”. They are a collection or library of styles in SketchUp. You just access them through the SketchUp Model panel when a viewport is selected in LayOut. I have the library I showed above in the User…SketchUp/Styles folder which is a place LO will naturally look.

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Wow. This looks really useful. I just upgraded yesterday and haven’t experienced it yet. I’m excited.

Is this now functionality that you can change Style in Layout and not turn it into (Modified) Viewports? So changes will still update from Sketchup->Layout if I change the Style in Layout itself? Do the changes in Layout affect the Sketchup file at all?

I only really use one non-native Style that I have saved in a Sketchup Template. So if I put that in the Users…Sketchup/Styles folder Layout may look there, so if a style were purged by mistake or working from another users work, I could use my custom style?


It won’t show the word ‘modified’ but it’ll show the Style section of the panel in a darker gray and include a Reset button.

As long as they aren’t style changes in SketchUp, yes. Well, if you have the selected style included in the Sketchup file and edit it in SU, the changes would also show.

No. That would open a big can of worms and could create all sorts of problems in the SU file and potentially in other LO files using the same .skp reference.


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