Tags - stop from getting purged

Is there a way to stop unused tags from disappearing when I purge my model? I would like to set up my tags as part of my template so that they are the same from file to file whether I use them or not.

Use TIG’s Purge All instead of Purge Unused in Statistics. Then you can choose which sorts of things you want to purge or not purge.
Screenshot - 3_3_2024 , 7_55_50 AM
You can get Purge All from Sketchucation.

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Thanks Dave

There’ also the old trick of drawing a Line on each tag, group it and hide it. :slight_smile:

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Can’t find it in my extension warehouse. Do you have a link?

As I wrote, it’s available from Sketchucation. TIG’s extensions aren’t available from the Extension Warehouse.

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And potentially end up with the edges merged with other geometry along with unneeded file bloat.

yes, that could happen if they are not in a group .

You’d need to draw the line somewhere in free space to be sure it hasn’t already interacted with other geometry before you group it. In the end, though, it adds clutter to your model. If you ever show that tag, the spurious group will appear.

You could put a tag on the grouped edges called “don’t purge”

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the good thing about this low-tech approach is that you add just some 30 edges to your model, and can use the build-in purge to get rid of tags not in your “library”.