Lock a component

How to lock a componenet once it is correct?

Right click on it and choose Lock.
As long as you don’t open the thing for editing, though, you won’t be able to modify the geometry within it even if it isn’t locked.

Using the web version.
No lock command.

The gif @DaveR shows is from SketchUp for web.

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My mistake, as usual.
The drawing has to be made a componenet first.

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I kind of figured you had already made the component since you asked how to lock one.

The learning curve for Sketchup is not an easy one.
I went to look for my intoduction and did not find it.
I’ll try to do it again. I have minor brain damage.
The neurosurgen said somthing taxing my brain might help.

Using Sketchup Free.

Trying everything I know and over an hour on Youtube, how is the dashed line in the model deleted?
Also, how is a new topic started?

Oops, forgot to add model.
16x20 Timber Frame Shop.skp (458.9 KB)

The guideline is inside one of your groups. Open the group and use the Erase tool. There is also a command to delete all guides.

You still have an issue with the way you are copying things. You’re opening components and copying the geometry within instead of copying the components.

Quit with the triple clicking on the component before copying. Just a single click will do.

Examine this version of the file.
16x20 Timber Frame Shop.skp (248.9 KB)

Please accept my apologies if this is being a pest.
How do I creat a topic with out adding it to a post?

Click on the New Topic button near the top right corner of the forum page.