How to lock model geometry but not a material selection?


I am making a warehouse of cabinets, most of them are standard- geometry will not be editable. I made separate dynamic component files for non-standard ones.

The standard cabinet geometry is standard, but the material selection is not. The carcass can be one color, the facade can be another one. How can I achieve that? If I lock the model, I can’t do anything with colors. I thought about making it dynamic and choosing the color in the dynamic components option bar, but that is a lot of work. Sometimes I also put textures from images, so that is not an option.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

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For cabinets / framing use open cut list , it has a material tools, edge strip and quantities

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Thanks for both solutions!

That would work great in my personal workflow, but my concern is that I will be sharing the files/ even the whole warehouse with clients, and ask them to download plugin so that they could try out the colors, it is just too difficult.

Maybe there is a way how I could prepare the model so that the plugin won’t be necessary?

how are you locking the model?

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I figured it out! Yes, the problem was how I was locking the model. I made separate unlocked groups (to be able to put the colour on them) with locked components inside them