Lock or freeze feature



I’m looking for a way to lock an enitity so it can’t be moved temporarily within a selection. I believe in AutoCAD this feature is called freeze. Is there a way to do this in the free version? In a video tutorial for Pro I saw you could just right-click.


You can lock groups and components but not raw geometry with right click/lock.


What Box said. Exactly the same as in SketchUp Pro.


Thanks Box! What about an image I inserted? Such as a blueprint that I want to trace. How do I lock that?


Explode the image and make the resulting textured face a component or group. Then you can lock it.


An image is a special kind of component instance similar to a group.
I find it silly that it’s lock property is disabled, and that there is no right-click convert to group (or component) menu command. It’s weird that we have to resort to explode or draw a temporary edge next to it and select both, in order to make a group. (Then edit it and erase the temporary edge.)