Lock surface in SketchUp

I want to have a feature to allowed lock line or surface in sketchup without making component. as I am using this to create a layer template . making sub-component inside main component will increase risk of mistake . if can have a feature of making surface directly in sketchup will definitely help . thank you

123456789Lock ony works for group or components

I do not understand this, this is allready there?

You might be using some other meaning for the words surface, layer and template than what they usually mean in SketchUp.

Surface: Several faces joined together with smoothed edges, usually to simulate a curved surface
Layer: A tag attached to objects that can be used to control their visibility.
Template: A SketchUp file that contains objects and settings that you wish to be there when you start a new SketchUp model.

Groups and components are what you have to use in SketchUp to prevent a part of a model from being accidentally edited. Locking prevents a group or component from being accidentally moved.

You can create as many layers as you like and save your file as a template, even if it does not contain any edges or faces at all.

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I think OP wants to lock a surface without a group or component. I don’t think this can be done.

Hi Mike thanks for reply, in my case , I have made a component . I need a function can allow me lock everything inside without making sub-component . I know we can achieve it by making sub-component and then lock this sub-component but this will have a risk of unlock it by accident . I use this component as a tag for classify object and place in correspond layer . so if its easy to be unlocked or delete then it maybe not good . don’t know if my expression clear for you

Right click on the component and choose Lock.