Is there a way to make part of a model "read only" so it can't be moved/deleted

I have drawn a line down the middle of an object to mark an important point and now I have to delete a ton of geometry around it.

Problem is, I keep deleting the line… Is there a way to mark the line as “read only” so it can’t be deleted… So that I can attack the model less carefully?

This doesn’t just apply to a line… What if I wanted to mark any part of the model as ‘permanent’ and ensure it doesn’t move or get deleted…


You can not make “read only” a line or face individually. But:
Make a group or component of that part that you want to “read only” select it:

or right click on it and chose:


That is priceless… Awesome tip… Thats really going to help. .Thanks.


Note that locked objects are only protected from getting moved, deleted, etc. from within their own context. Nested locked objects are not protected.

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If you save the part that you want to be locked as a component and then create a project in Trimble connect, you can import that component file as reference. Then, you it is truly locked.
I admit, it might seem a hassle to create a project on TC just for that, but it might be worth mentioning, because it’s a commonly known problem: you don’t want the interior designer to move a bearing wall to fit a couch.

Ok so as I read your comment and not being at my computer to test. I have a question.
If you set nested components locked as well as parent component will they be protected then?

Yes, but only due to being inside a protected parent . Not due to them being locked as a nested component.

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Bear in mind that anyone with access to open the model in SketchUp itself (not the Viewer) can R-click and Unlock any component or group that you have locked.

Locking protects against accidentally moving or copying a component or group, but not deliberate unlocking.

Again, only for the top level locked objects.

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I tried to use this tip in anger last night and ran into a problem… How do you make a single line a component or group?

When I on the line I get no option to “Make Group”… I have select a couple of parts to get the option… This makes sense, but I am SURE I tested this before and was able to make a group which was just a line…

Is there anyone “Make Group” dialogue that I am missing?

Select the edge then go to the Edit menu and you will have Make Group and Make component.
g is the default shortcut for Make Component, I don’t remember the default shortcut for Make Group, but you can always set your own.

I don’t think there is a default shortcut for Make Group. I created one for myself - Shift + g - but as @Box says, you can choose your own.

And I hardly ever use groups, just use components instead.

Doh… I was using Right Click, and didn’t have the option when only selecting a single line (quite understandable really)… i didn’t realise that the option was in the top menus under EDIT… Thanks for that.

I don’t know about WIndows, but on Mac the default shortcut for Edit->Make Group is command-g, compiled into the menu system.

Interesting, I didnt know that one - noted for future reference.