Lock Layer not available in SketchUp 2017

I want to lock a layer so that it cannot be edited.

All the documentation on the site says you go to Window > Layers, and click the lock symbol next to the layer in question.

There is no lock symbol.

What should I do?

are you looking at LayOut documentation rather than SU?


John must be on the right track. There is no lock for layers in SketchUp and never has been. There is no need. You have to be deliberate about editing a text entity in s SU anyway.

Like John and Dave I hope you were really asking about Layout, but if you really did mean SketchUp I recommend that you read up about SketchUp’s “layers” on the help knowledge base. Since all they do is provide a visibility control that multiple entities can share, locking a layer wouldn’t do anything useful. For example, it wouldn’t stop a user from editing entities and wouldn’t prevent them from sticking together

Hi all, thanks for replying.
Yes it appears I was looking at the LayOut documentation and not the SketchUp documentation. My bad.

I’m trying to accomplish having a floor diagram in png format being ‘projected’ onto the floor at the correct scale and then building the objects on top of it.
The trouble is, I keep selecting the image I’ve imported by accident and moving it around.
This is why I wanted to lock it.

Do you have any suggestions?

Right click on it and select Lock.

Ooops, Explode the image and while it is still selected group it, then Right click and select lock.

Hi sqeeb, hi folks.

Make a group or a component with your image then lock that group or component. This will protect it from any unwanted modifications, including move.



D Burs’ Manage Layers plugin includes a lock layer facility.

Thanks for the info on the plugin @simoncbevans! @DaveR, I see what you’re saying, but here’s the thing: We work a lot with nested components. That way, we can keep sketchup elements succinct and separate from one another. One of the problems with that is, you need to be very careful when you’re opening the components to make sure you’ve gone far enough into the ‘nest’, so as not to move somethign you don’t want. Sometimes when you’re not zoomed out, it’s easy to move the entire nest of components as opposed to an element inside it. Thsi just happened in a site model where the entire building was moved up in elevation by 2’! Not cool.

I would suggest that a locking layers feature would get used a lot in Sketchup.

It won’t happen in SketchUp 2017 at this point.

You could use Outliner to access the component level.

I guess I have never had a problem with moving components I didn’t want to move.

Lucky! We seem to have that problem daily.

What’s Outliner?

Sounds like some user trainging might be helpful.

Look in the Window menu for Outliner. And see:


Some of the features discussed in that article apply to SketchUp 2020 or newer so won’t apply to your 2017 version.