Locking in place

HI, I’m a newbie to Sketch up and work as a garden designer. I’m creating a design with layers over an imported sketch and the layers are being tagged etc. but I wonder if there’s a way to lock the layers in place. Just now I inadvertently moved the house on the plot and it’s been a pain trying to put it back in place. Hence, I’d like to know how to lock things in place - many thanks

The good thing about tags is that you can click on the eyeball icon, hiding the tagged item(s). You can then make changes without affecting what is hidden. Before moving something, then hide the visibility of the stuff you don’t want to move.

There are no layers in SketchUp. There are tags which can be given to groups and components in the model. These are primarily used for visibility control in scenes. There is no locking of tags. Presumably you are making groups and components of the objects you are modeling and giving those objects the tags. (ALL edges and faces in the model should be created AND remain untagged.) You can lock components and groups to prevent them from being moved. Right click on them and choose Lock. When selected, locked objects will be shown with red bounding boxes instead of blue.

Please fix your forum profile. Operating system is not ‘2023’. It will be Windows 10 or 11 or some Mac version. Please also put in the graphics card model. That information helps us help you but only if it is correct.

Many thanks for your help