Tag/Layer Locking…

Is there a way to Lock and Unlock a Tag/Layer? Don’t come back at me with Scenes because that is not what I am looking for. I want to be able to lock a certain layer so that it doesn’t change by mistake or by error.

Short answer then: No.

Well Dave……that’s rather lame……let’s get that added to the requested new feature list.

I don’t know if it’s available yet in the iPad version but locking groups and components makes more sense than locking tags. Tags are just something you give to groups and components in the model primarily for visibility control.

I’d agree with any way to lock something you don’t want to change. A match properties routine would be nice too.

...it is possible, but - since it is an extension - NOT for iPad

For the DESKTOP version there is an Extension to lock or unlock Groups and Components by layer/tag :
Lock by Layer

(I haven’t tried.)

As I’m not fond of the OP attitude, I don’t want to loose time explaining it, but It’s possible in the iPad with only two actions.

I meant, the Extension could not be used on iPad… :flushed:

I understand, but the original poster can find out how to do it, as it’s possible.

Well….how can we do it?

JQL, what attitude are you referring to……as an original beta tester for the iPad version, I know what can be done and what can’t be done. I am just wondering if anyone has come up with a way to do what I need.

@drchitecturedsign the one option that is currently available in the SketchUp for iPad app, is to lock objects (i.e. groups or components). After selecting an object or objects, you then have the option to choose Lock from the Context menu toolbar overflow list.

After locking an object, you’ll notice that the bounding box selection color turns to red.
You then have the option to select it, and choose unlock from the Context menu toolbar.

Well, maybe I read you wrong then. I’m sorry.

To select all in the objects with same layers, select one and then tap the arrow key on the context menu. Select all in same layer. After that you can lock them all as Mike showed.

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