Where is the Layout Lock Button

Hi All, In Sketchup you can lock the group so you don’t accidentally mess up things that are setup as you want them. In Layout things keep getting messed up because they continue to move and shift accidentally after they are placed where you want them to stay. Where is the lock button to hold them in place?

There isn’t one. Lock the layer you put the entities on or use more care to prevent yourself from moving them. they won’t move on their own.

Thanks Dave, I guess I will have to make all my text and notes in SU instead of LO, as when you try to pick it in LO it moves the SU window (Often not noticed until its too late) by accident sometimes, And picking things is sometimes hard as it picks the window instead. But I’ll keep playing with LO to see if I can learn to make it more “usable”.

You don’t need to make your text and notes in SketchUp! Why aren’t you using layers in LayOut? Things won’t move unless you move them. Put the SketchUp viewports on one layer and your text on another. Lock the viewports layer when you don’t want to do anything that might affect it.

Here’s a sheet from one of my typical LO projects. Every single text entity as well as the dashed and break lines are created in LayOut. I do not use the text tools in SketchUp for these at all. There’s just no need. Nothing moves unless I move it.

Hi @ecoarcdesignpro! @DaveR Dave is pretty spot on with his answers. Maybe you can share a layout file that you are having troubles with and we can give you advice on specifically what to do to make it easier to work in LayOut.

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Thanks Dave, that should do the trick, still nit real handy with layout yet, but working in it. Your advice is great as always, Thanks !

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