Need the ability to hide locked objects


Perhaps I don’t understand the use of “Locked” attribute for an entity, but in my mind I would think that locking an object / group / component would be for size, location and perhaps materials. I like the idea of being able to lock an object after I’ve manipulated it into its proper size and location so that I can’t (easily, anyway) subsequently screw it up inadvertently. However, once I lock an object, then I cannot temporarily hide it from view because its locked. This seems an incorrect application of the state “Locked”. I understand the use of layers (or, at least, think I do) and this doesn’t suffice. I will zoom into an area of my model to grab a 2D snap of it that I can diagram for the guys out in the field. Often, in the view I’m working with, there is a object in the way of another object I’m trying to explain with both objects being on the same layer (similar objects). If I’ve locked this object then I cannot hide it to clarify the object in question; if I turn off the layer upon which it resides, the object I’m trying to clarify also gets hidden; and if I start separating like objects into even more layers, the whole model becomes very unwieldy. All I want is the ability to hide a locked object.


Use the following code on the ruby console and all the selected item wil be hidden also the locked ones.

Sketchup.active_model.selection.each{|e| e.hidden=true}


This behavior is a choice made for some reason in the SketchUp GUI, not something inherent to the internals. What you want can be done via an extension. For example, give this extension a try


if you want to unhide all

Sketchup.active_model.entities.each{|e| e.hidden=false}


its been some time since I checked in - thank you for your helpful advice