LO Shortcuts File/Update Document

In LO (2019) in Layout Preferences>Shortcuts one can set a shortcut for File/Update Document.

Does anyone know what this does?

I wanted it to do the same as File/Document Setup/References update or right click>update model reference but it doesn’t seem to do anything…

Select a viewport, first
Then check the shortcuts again

Doesn’t seem to do anything Mike

You’re right, it doesn’t. I was under the assumption that it would pop up when there was a viewport ‘selected’

Moving in Feature Request category.

The general request would be that LayOut should have the same Edit menu item that SketchUp has that is tied to the current selection. That gives you access to the right-click menu, and you can set shortcuts to anything in the contextual menu that is available at the time. There is no matching Selection menu item in LayOut.

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Note that the shortcut you can set up on Windows does not exist for a Mac. Which is a great shame as I for one would find it extremely useful.

I know there are other ways to update. It is available from the right click menu PROVIDING the window layer has not been locked. If it has, you either have to unlock, update and then remember to relock or you have to go into Document Setup which is quite a faff.

Ideally, I would have an icon that allows me to update with one click, whether or not the layer is locked.

I seem to remember there was a previous discussion regarding the Update Document shortcut entry in the list. My memory is that someone from the LO team said it isn’t currently active. It was the start of a future feature and they admitted that it should have been made not visible in the list.

One thing you can do now to get viewports to update without waiting for a feature to be added is open the SketchUp file from LayOut. Then the changes saved to the SKP file will automatically propagate through to viewports even on locked layers. This way you don’t need a keyboard shortcut for it at all.