How to Synchronize an old modified SU file with a new specific LO file

I’m having problems with Synchronizing an old modified SU file with a new specific LO file. I’ve got some valuable 2019 SU files that I’ve added to and trying to have them update to a newer more recent LO file. Not having muck luck. Is there a way to see what SU file a LO file is married to?
Charles Stratmann

You can look at Document Setup>References to find out which .skp file(s) is/are referenced. Select the file in References and at the bottom choose Update. Or relink if you need to find the file in a different location.

You can also see the name of the SketchUp file at the top of the SketchUp Model panel when you select the viewport. Clicking the Update button there will also update the reference.

Keep in mind, if you have overridden scene properties for the viewports in the LO document, those properties won’t change to reflect the updated reference unless you click the Reset button in the SketchUp Model panel.

Thank you!
I’ll try it!