LO 2018 Line drop out in vector or hybrid

I just loaded 2018. Looks pretty good and I like the new section fills so far.

But, I am having a problem with lines in a SU model loaded into LO that appear in raster mode do not show up in vector or hybrid mode. I am not sure this is an 18 problem, but it is new for me and disturbing. Not all of the lines drop out, but just some. It does not appear to be related to the section fills. I have tried resaving and reloading the model with and without the section fill turned on.

this file is a jpg showing the page from LO

Sigh. I too had random errors like this with v. 2017 and older, especially with section cut edges. To me it seemed like v. 2018 had fixed them. It seems totally random - at least I don’t know what to actually do to make this occur.

My condolences.

Did you come up with a work around?

Do you think it is an issue with the SU file or LO?

I could copy the model to a new SU file. I really don’t want to redraw, or should I say “re-enter”, I still think of this process as drawing.

could you share the layout file?

I don’t know of workarounds, except using Raster rendering. I wonder what happens if you redo the section plane and update the scene.

The file is 11.7Mb too big to upload here.

Drop box.


I deleted all of the section planes and recreated just one. No dice. same outcome

can you read that. I put it on dropbox, but I am not sure how to share with the community.

Click on Share to the right of the file name and then get the link from there.

Thank you DaveR that worked.

Yes it did. I can duplicate the missing edges using the SKP file you provided in a new LO file. It doesn’t matter whether the section fill is toggled on or off. This is with it toggled off.

Edit to add: I unhid the edges at the bottom of the upstairs walls as well as the ones on the top edges of the floors and that seems to have restored the missing lines.

I was able to reproduce that too. I had tried to do that but was not systematic, and I did not un hide all of the lines. Problem solved sort of. I hid the edges so I would not see the floor lines in the 3d views from outside. It was a nice effect. There are other ways to do that, but for a quick study as a preliminary drawing for a new client it worked very well until I tried to print the plans. I hesitate to call it a glitch, but I wish it worked a bit differently.

Thanks for your help in identifying the issue.

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I’m not certain but I’m thinking this might be a work around. Why the section cut lines aren’t showing in Vector or Hybrid is a puzzle to me. Is it because they are raster lines in SU and not vector lines like edges? Maybe @trent will have some input.

Hiding those edges in that case makes sense to me but I think you’d need to use a different approach for the section cut at this time. You could make a section cut face use Group from Slice or TIGs Add Section Cut face. I might be inclined to put the section cut face in a separate scene and then stack viewports for that. Or you could use the Section Fill as you did but set the fill color to black.

I recall a SS-(numbers) group in the outliner, so there already is a section slice…

All I see in the file is the Section planes

I was working on that as a workaround. It is not a bad solution.