Lines disappearing using Vector and Hybrid rendering in Layout (SU2018)

I have just installed SU2018 and have some issues with Layout. When I use ‘vector’ or ‘hybrid’ some lines are missing on drawings although if I revert to ‘raster’ the lines are there. I need this for work purposes.

I also took off SU2017 when I upgraded - can I reinstall and use until this is fixed please?

From memory I think the missing lines is a graphic card issue. You can try updating your graphic card driver.

There should be a big sign on the update page saying Don’t uninstall your current version until you are happy with the new one.

So yes, you can reinstall 2017 alongside 2018 and use both.

There was - and is - still something strange with the rendering engine / styles in Layout.

In 2017 I’ve had the problem of missing lines a few times and had to revert to hybrid or raster to actually show them.

In the new 2018 layout I also ran into a strange problem where several co-planar faces were different in color. I had to revert to hybrid to actually make them all the same color just as in SketchUp. After a few changes to the SketchUp file this eventually disappeared but I am clueless what caused it. I tried isolating the problem in the 20Mb file but didn’t succeed (pressed for time). Just coping the object to another file didn’t give the same the error in Layout so was something more complex. Next time will try to isolate the object if I have the time.

Edit: latest Nvidia drivers, gtx1080

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