Missing geometry in Layout in Hybrid and Vector

Hi, I have imported a floor plan, that I have drawn in Sketchup Pro 2023, into Layout 23 and all lines are visible when in raster mode. However, if I change it to either Raster or Vector, random lines disappear. Eg - some lines in my sofa group disappear and some stay. If I change the style to Wire Frame, they show, but this is not a suitable style for what I need to do. I have tried Hidden Line, Shaded and Shaded with Textures and it hasn’t made any difference. If I change the tags to untagged, some come back but some still stay missing. This isn’t an ideal fix anyway, as the groups that I have changed to untagged need to be different line weights from each other. Any tips on how to fix this, I would be grateful.

I use Mac, OS is Sonoma 14.2.1. Chip is Apple M1 Pro. Both SketchUp and Layout are up to date.

I have put screenshots below:

Is the model far from the origin point or are its extents very large?

Hi, I have built the model from the origin point and the biggest extent of the model is 14200mm (559.05512 inches.)

After another look, I wondered if it might’ve been down to Z-Fighting so I have moved the affected groups up by 1mm, put them back on their original tags and it seems to have fixed the problem.