Live Q&A Live Stream!

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to answer your questions! Please join me and bring your Q’s so we can find some A’s!


Join me on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch!


I like the time menu. Could have more entries in it.

I’m due to be on a small plane at the start, then hanging around an airport for 6 hours. Hopefully they will have WIFi.

I love it :wink:

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First Q. Time menu … How did you do that?

I’m wondering depending on your location, the true time shows immediately too which is even better. It does for me as I’m in the UK, running London time zone.


I think I worked it out.


Monday, March 30, 2020 6:00 PM


image ?


@jody had to show me… turns out it was there, all along!

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Should we be so bold as to pick a “Q&A Theme” today? It gives folks a chance to be specific and also also prevents us from just answering the same questions each week. (c:

Very handy, now we don’t have tot convert anymore :smiley:

I would like to use sketchup for web on an Samsung android tablet with a keyboard and mouse. It works good, except for there is no right click. The right click acts as the back button. Is there a work around for it?

3 MINUTES to go – and I can’t find it on YouTube!

1 minute to go - I found it on Twitch!

And now I’ve found it on YouTube:

We use a 3rd party service (Restream) and they’re experiencing a DDOS right now so kind of hit and miss. Hopefully it’ll all be up and running on all platforms soon. Glad you found us anyway!


How can i avoid the Shadow from normalizing the texture of the materials to simple colors?