SketchUp Q&A Live, May 11th

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to answer your questions! Please join me and bring your Q’s so we can find some A’s!


Join me on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch!


Hello, Aaron!

I would like to tune in, however I don’t see the “Q & A” particular option on the Facebook events, YouTube or Twitch!

Could you reply with a direct link to the correct Live feed so that I may partake?

Kind Regards,


Hi @JoieDecor! You have to wait until a few minutes before the live stream starts to join… pretty soon, though

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Thank you, @TheOnlyAaron. Will I be waiting to login on the Facebook Sketchup Home page, or the events page?



You forgot the addon…

Aaron can you look at cabwriter Extension It is for custom cabinet makers and designers.Aloha Bruce

What addon?

Colorize in windows

I remeber the wooden endresult of that matched photo…

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Good memory.

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perfect :+1:

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Lego tap