List separator changed in pre-2016 versions

I daily use Sketchup V14 at work on a Windows 7 PC.
On this PC the semicolon is the list separator.
Last day i notist when drawing a rectangle on my home PC the list separator of Sketchup Version 14 Pro has changed from a semicolon into a comma .
It must have changed during the last weeks, because befor it was always the semicolon.
I checked the other Sketchup versions that i have installed on this windows 10 PC, and version 7 also has changed to the comma as a separator, but V17 and V19 stil use the semicolon.
My regional setting have the semicolon set as the list separator.

Could it be a Windows update that caused it?


Since SketchUp 2014 hasn’t changed for more than 5 years, and version 7 for even longer, I would expect it has something to do with a change in Windows. Why it hasn’t affected V17 or V19 is a curious thing but that’s Windows for you.

I am also puzzeld.
Who knows if there is a place in the Windows registry where i could change the comma back to semicolon?

Sounds like a job for super @DanRathbun.

I seem to remember quite a few complaints about separator characters and the VCB before v2016.

There was some work done, and in the 2016 M1 release a new Ruby API module Sketchup::RegionalSettings was added.

I don’t know if there is a specific separator settings in the registry for older SketchUp versions.

The earliest I have installed is 2016 (which is the earliest version that supports running on Windows 10. I see no reason to have any earlier version installed on my Win 10 machine.)

Anyway, there is no SketchUp specific setting for separators in the registry or the new JSON preference files.

Are there more curiosities? Can you still add a @ ?
Maybe its the Toetsenbordinstellingen, that is changed?

Thanks Dan for your chiming in.
But i am still wondering what happend.

Goede avond Mike,
I dit not change any keyboard settings myself.
I can type the apestaartje @ just like before.
I have not notist any other stange things wile typing.
I had a Logitech software update 2 weeks ago trying to pusch through.
I refused to update as far as i remember.

But then, how could it affect the Sketchup versions differently?
My keyboard settings:

I still can’t make chocolate out of it.:slight_smile:

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