Link groups copied into Layout back to the SketchUp model

Hi All,
I am creating shop drawings of a steel structure to send to the fab shop. As such I have been coping each piece of the SketchUp model into Layout to dimension them. This method breaks the link to the SketchUp model so any changes I need to make to the model don’t pass through to the Layout copy.
Has anyone found a way to link cut and paste copies to the model or is there a better way to do this?

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Herda Shop Drawings.pdf (1.1 MB)

In SketchUp - File > Send to LayOut (first create Scenes)
or in LayOut - File > Insert (skp file)

Hi Mihai,
Are you saying to create a scene for each piece I want to dimension?

"In SketchUp, you need to set up Scenes that represent the exact views you wanna see in your LayOut Viewports later.
In Layout, you set your Viewports to the appropriate SketchUp Scenes."

Watch tutorials and learn the basics first.

Probably. If you consider a standard set of drawings for a house, you would have at least four elevations, at least one plan, at least one section, etc. The usual way of dealing with that in SU is to create a scene for each before sending to Layout. Once you have one scene in Layout, you can just copy it and change the scene reference from within LO. Then you have a dynamic link back to the SU drawing.

If you change something in the SU drawing, it will not necessarily update the LO drawing. You need to first update the scene, then save the SU file. You may also have to update the link in LO (depends on whether you opened the SU file first or got to it through LO).