Link and update IFC model from Tekla

Hi All

I have one question below when working between Tekla and SketchUp, I modeling using Tekla structures, then I export to IFC file, then in SketchUp
import IFC file. But after design change in Tekla, Structures, in SketchUp must create new model and import new IFC file it not goood for BIM Cooordiante?

Please add your opinion at here to help me solve this problem?

Thanks All

SketchUp has no automatically working XREF system.

I would do it like this:

Import the IFC into a new empty SketchUp file and save it.
Then import that into your SketchUp model as a component.

Now when the structural model changes, you can, again, import the IFC into a new file (or replace the model in the file you first imported it). Then, in your model, you can right-click on the previously imported component, select “reload” from the contextual menu and navigate to your updated component file.


Have you noticed that Tekla also has the free BimSight application for viewing and combining IFC and other 3D model files, and that it also supports the SketchUp format? Alternatively you can use that to view your model combined with the structural one.

Dear Anssi

I want use ifc file from tekla and import into SketchUp to create 3d detail drawing in SU Layout. I just try wtth your method with reload component in SketchUp. Then export to SU layout, in Su layout can Update Model Reference. I think it is good method at this time.
But I have new issue: label in SketchUp layout not auto add in Layout view and label can auto re-place in layout when model change.?
Tekla BIMsight I using for review model it can not design drawing.
Thanks you very much