Linetype dash justification

Hoping we could get the dash patterns of dashed linetypes in Layout to justify from the center of their lines - for example if I am trying to locate the center of a circle with two lines, it would be great for the center dashes to meet at the center of the circle:
Example layout file:
CenterLineTypeIssue-2021.layout (14.6 KB)

I posed this issue moments ago in the general Layout discussion and was sent here.

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This would require that all dash types auto calculate their dash width to put a full dash as center? This might mean that in some cases the end you want to start at would have no dash? Or would it auto justify the dashes to change the spacing to arrive on center and the ends? Then the dash spacing would be inconsistent across a doc. Not sure how these would work.

Here is a method which places a cross on center and is adjustable for different dash types.


…and for different scales.



It shouldn’t be necessary to quadruple the clicks to achieve the industry standard.
Here’s what drawing a centerline in any other CAD software looks like:

Just being pedantic…

In terms of clicks, I think it’s 4 clicks to create two lines and 5 to do it endlessfix’s way :thinking:

For sure, endlessfix’s also involves a ctrl rotate operation and typing 3x

I’m not arguing against the feature request, just trying to be helpful.

A useful tool in other software is a “alternate dash” adjustment

So it swaps between these two modes:

   _  _  _  _  _  _  _
 _  _  _  _  _  _  _

(gaps become dashes, dashes become gaps)

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