What is the Quick method for adding dotted and Center lines to a model?

I am busy with and Engineering type drawing where I need to show dimensions center to center between holes. How do I quickly draw Center Lines and Dotted lines in my model?

The best way is to add those lines in LayOut. You can set the style of the lines as appropriate and add then do the dimensioning in LO, too.

Something like this if you want them in SU.

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He’s using Make, so hasn’t got Layout (unless still in trial period).

You could also use the Point plugin, which will draw finite length dashed lines and also optionally add guidepoints at the circle centres.

Yes. I know that. LayOut is still the best way to add dotted lines and centerlines.

Hello Dave and John
Thanks for your quick support!
The attached Drawing shows what I need to achieve for a home project that a
friend with access to a Lazer cutting machine will cut for me.
Kind Regards,
Ian Allen



Toilet Roll Holder.skp (106 KB)

It looks like you drew your center line and the dashed lines manually. Those will look better than using guides and they aren’t volatile like the guides are. I’d have made a component of the shape for the part first and placed the lines over it. As it is, some of the lines intersect the edges of the part.

What is your friend going to do with your model to go to his laser cutter?

Hi Dave
He will have to redraw in Dwg. Format for his lazer to rrad cos Make can’t
save like that. Yes all drawn manually! to show the concept

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