Making speed lines in sketchup pro 2018

I’m trying to make equal spaced lines to show where the footings are on my foundation plan. I downloaded the vs dotted lines i went as far as github told me on downloading it. back to sketch up- i draw a line then i right click to replace by dotted lines but the replace by dotted lines doesn’t come up. idk I’ve been trying to make this work for hours, watching the youtube video very carefully following every-step “eventually” but it’s still not working

I’m not familiar with that plugin so I can’t help you there but I’m wondering if you even need it. You could make equally space guidelines with Move/Copy. For dashed lines that need to show in the documentation, I’d add them in LO.

hey Dave, would you make them in sketchup then add it to layout? thank for the help by the way

I’d probably use guidelines in SketchUp to assist in setting out the footing geometry in the model but I’d make the dashed lines in LayOut on a layer over the model viewport. Those lines can be set to a lighter line weight than those in the model and perhaps a different color if appropriate. You can make a linear array of the dashed lines in LayOut just as you can make a linear array in SU.

And you’re quite welcome.

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