Changing "Line Styles" inside of SketchUp Pro 2023

I am new to using “Pro” but I need to create broken lines on a drawing that I am doing. I see this is possible within LayOUT but I have spent a lot of time creating a fairly complex basement design using SketchUp 2017 and moved to Pro thinking that it would allow me to created different line types. Is there something I am missing?

Yes. You are missing that you can add dashes to tags in your model. Collect the edges into groups or components, give the groups or components tags and set the tags to have a dash style.

You can also set the tags dashes per viewport in LayOut which makes it easier to show edges as dashed in one viewport but not in another. Something like footings might be shown with solid lines in one view and with dashed lines in another view.

Thanks for the help, that worked perfect!

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