No option to create Dashed Line Type in Tags (Sketchup Web for Windows)

I’m a new user of Sketchup Web on Windows 10 and there’s no way for me to draw a dashed line. Help Centre topics suggest using Tags and changing the Line Type to be a dashed line, but this is not available in Sketchup Web in Windows 10.

Whilst I can create Tags, there’s no option to change the Line Type against any Tag like the screenshots would suggest when using a Mac. Surely there must be an option to create a dashed line in SketchUp Web when using Windows? Please help.

Here’s the link to the Help Centre topic which only shows the functionality on a Mac:

That help article shows the desktop version. I don’t think dashed lines are available in the web version yet.

Steve is correct. This is not available in the web versions. It’s not a bug.

Thank you, but that’s crazy right? SketchUp advertise SketchUp Web as having almost all of the desktop / Pro functions as per the extract below. One would at least expect to have the ability to draw a dashed line. It’s a foundational, basic function of drawing. It’s like saying you can’t draw a circle using the free version. It’s a major oversight in my view. : “If you’re familiar with the desktop version of SketchUp, you’ll see almost all the same tools in SketchUp for Web.” … and … “Almost everything about SketchUp Pro is built into the SketchUp for Web. If your favorite feature isn’t there, please let us know via the SketchUp for Web (formerly my.SketchUp) user forum.”

So here goes: Please add the capability in SketchUp Web (Windows) to draw dashed lines.

That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

The dashes are one of the pro features that you have to pay for. Like the Solid Tools, CAD import/export/LayOut etc.

Since you are only using it as a hobbyist, you can use other simple methods to create dashed lines.

Thanks DaveR, appreciate the feedback thus far.

I’m drawing a plan view of my property for Planning Permission to my local shire, hence I want it to look reasonably professional.

How would you suggest drawing dashed lines (simply) for an underground pipe that runs across the property in a zig-zag fashion (shaped like a Z)?

Even if you had the dashes feature with tags you’d be hard pressed to make a professional looking drawing with the web based versions of SketchUp due to the available output options. With SketchUp Pro and LayOut you could do an excellent job of it, though.

Draw a continuous lines and then divide them into a series of short segments. Right click on and edge and select Divide. Then type the number of segments you want and hit Enter. Then erase alternate segments.

Many thanks DaveR. That worked well, albeit a little time-consuming as you would expect for a non-professional version of the software.

Appreciate your help.

It’s pretty quick if you use arrays.
Dash array

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